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Know The 5 Major Benefits Of Dental Bridges

Dental bridges can be an excellent solution if you are facing problems related to missing teeth. Daily activities such as eating, speaking, or feeling confident become challenging if your smile has gaps created due to missing teeth. In the case of dental bridge procedures, these gaps are filled with artificial teeth that feel and look authentic. You need to know that ignoring the gaps caused by missing teeth can lead to the other teeth drifting into open space with time and ultimately be the reason for jaw damage. Therefore, a tooth replacement treatment option such as a dental bridge can be wise.

Dental bridges work by placing a prosthetic tooth in the gap and fixed on either side by crowns on natural teeth or dental implants. The best dentists in Thornton have come up with the benefits of dental bridges in the sections below.

Enables you to restore your smile

There is no monetary value to an attractive and healthy smile. It is practically priceless. Many patients report feeling more confident after undergoing dental bridge treatments. Have you ever felt self-conscious about your smile in a group photo? Felt hesitant to smile without any worry while talking to someone in person? If the answer to these questions is “Yes,” getting a dental bridge can easily and efficiently solve such problems.

Improves your chewing ability

Eating your favorite foods can cause you discomfort after losing a tooth. The adjacent teeth may shift into the exposed space, causing pain. Moreover, food particles may collect in the gap where your tooth once was, leading to gum disease. Dental professionals advise dental bridge treatment to permanently treat the pain felt during eating. You need to know that eating should never be associated with pain. So, if you are facing such a problem while eating regularly, immediately make an appointment with a dental office nearby.

Enables you to speak clearly

Your ability to form words in your mouth significantly depends on your teeth. You can stutter when speaking or have difficulty pronouncing certain words if you’ve lost several teeth. It is needed to address your tooth loss to treat the issues that initially resulted in your speech impairment. Are you wondering how? Well, note how often your lips or tongue make contact with your teeth when reading aloud. Speech issues caused by tooth loss may be resolved with dental bridges.

Helps to maintain facial structure

Do you realize that losing a tooth causes your jawbone to start to deteriorate? The tooth roots in your jawbone activate the bone cells. Your jawbone starts to deteriorate without this stimulation. Serious jawbone deterioration could lead to more tooth loss and facial collapse, which would ultimately change the shape of your face. Getting dental bridges can be an effective solution.

Prevents the adjacent teeth from shifting

Your teeth are firmly kept in place by strong roots under the surface of your gums. But did you know that adjacent teeth also hold your teeth in place? Your remaining teeth may start to lean toward the gap after considerable tooth loss. The best technique to prevent tooth shifting is to use a dental bridge to fill the space with an artificial tooth. Too much movement may cause teeth to become loose and fall out.

Now that you know the benefits of dental bridges do not suffer from the problems related to missing teeth anymore. Book an appointment with Glacier Peak Dentistry if you are looking for top-quality dental bridge service in Thornton, CO. Give us a call today!