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Dental Services in Thornton, CO

Our Dental Services

General Dentistry

Whether you need advanced dental treatment or a routine checkup, you need a dental practice you can count on. That is where Glacier Peak Dentistry comes into play. We are committed to serving new and existing patients and helping them receive the attention and care that they deserve. Our facilities are warm, inviting and perfect for anyone who wants to feel right at home while they receive top-of-the-line treatment using the latest available oral care technology.

Our General Dentistry Services Include:

Cosmetic Dentistry

Cosmetic dental treatments can provide you with the extra push you need to achieve a beautiful smile. Glacier Peak Dentistry specializes in quick and effective cosmetic dentistry treatments that ensure top-quality results.

Cosmetic dental treatments are provided with the primary goal of making one’s smile appear more attractive, rather than improving the individual’s oral health. While receiving cosmetic treatment is completely optional, these procedures can go a very long way toward correcting noticeable imperfections and boosting one’s confidence. For example, cosmetic treatments can make teeth appear straighter, improve spacing and make much-needed adjustments in color. Our cosmetic dentistry treatments feature minimal patient downtime and fast recovery periods.

Our Cosmetic Dentistry Services Include:

Pediatric Dentistry

The best way to achieve a beautiful smile as an adult is to make regular dental visits at an early age. Many parents don’t realize that their child is at risk for developing tooth decay as soon as their first teeth begin emerging. That is why our dentists recommend that a child makes their first dental visit by their first birthday. From there, your child should continue to make dental visits twice per year so that we can monitor their teeth as they grow and develop. It’s much easier to maintain one’s oral health early in life than it is to correct problems in adulthood. You can count on our team to keep your child’s teeth healthy. For top-quality pediatric dentistry in Thornton, Colorado, look no further than Glacier Peak Dentistry.

Our Pediatirc Dentistry Services Include:

Emergency Dentistry

Dental emergencies happen all the time, and our staff is ready for these unexpected moments. We will help you fix the problem quickly so that you can get on with life.

A person’s teeth are something that they should always expect to work reliably. They should be able to chew food effectively and without pain. When they smile, they should know that their teeth are there to complete their look. That is why a person can experience major challenges and difficulties when a sudden dental problem arises. Emergency dentistry is for these moments when prompt, unexpected treatment is needed.