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Cosmetic Dentistry

Veneers in Thornton, CO

Veneers can be used to treat many cosmetic issues including chips, cracks, misaligned teeth and spacing issues. Glacier Peak Dentistry offers top-quality veneers to improve your smile.

It can be very troubling when a person’s teeth are chipped, stained or uneven. Even a minor imperfection can severely disrupt an otherwise perfect smile. Veneers offer a way to correct noticeable flaws and improve the appearance of one’s teeth. Veneers are thin, custom-designed shells that are applied to the front surface of the teeth and secured using a dental adhesive. Veneers offer many benefits for teeth, and they can go a long way towards helping a person achieve a more pleasing look. Our practice offers traditional, no-prep, porcelain, composite, EMAX brand and Empress brand veneers.

A major reason veneers are so effective is their custom design. We can slightly thicken a few key teeth to eliminate spacing or thin out a structure to reduce crowding. They also allow us to adjust the alignment and contour of teeth to achieve a straighter and more even smile. Veneers can also be altered in shade to help improve tooth color. With their excellent versatility and overall performance, they have become one of the most popular cosmetic treatments available. They are easy to apply, and they will provide dramatic results in instantly enhancing one’s smile.

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What are veneers?

Veneers are thin, custom-made shells that are applied to the front of a person’s teeth as a cosmetic treatment. A A set will go a very long way towards hiding dental flaws and significantly improving one’s look.

Is it easy to get them?

Yes, receiving veneers is very easy as most require little-to-no preparation beforehand. The patient will just need to wait for a custom set of veneers to be built in a dental laboratory, which usually takes a couple of weeks. Once they are ready, the patient can have them fitted and installed the same day. The procedure features minimal discomfort, and it is typically completed in a very short manner.

Can veneers fix my teeth?

Patients use veneers in many different ways. They can adjust the thickness of teeth to improve spacing. They can improve alignment and contour by making teeth appear straighter and move even. Some patients even use them to hide worn-down tooth enamel, cracks or chips. The versatility of veneers makes them an extremely popular cosmetic option.

Turn your lackluster smile into one that stands out for all the right reasons with our top-quality veneers. Our versatile and effective veneers can help you obtain a smile that you are proud to show-off to others. Please call us at (720) 828-5222 to schedule an appointment.