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Periodontal Services in Thornton, CO

Providing effective treatment for gum disease is one of our top goals at Glacier Peak Dentistry. Our team is here to help you manage periodontitis so that you can improve your oral health.

Periodontitis, which many people refer to as gum disease, is not something to take lightly. The condition affects nearly half of all adults to some degree, and it can lead to some very serious consequences if it is not managed effectively. A person can spot the early signs of periodontitis by recognizing irritation on their gums. This irritation is caused by bacteria, tartar and plaque that attacks the gum tissue. At this initial stage, the gums may appear slightly swollen and darkened in color. They may also bleed when the individual brushes their teeth or when they receive a dental checkup. Although it might seem easy to ignore the problem during this phase, this is only the start of the issues that will likely follow.

As periodontitis progresses, the gums start to retract and pull away from the teeth. This causes spaces called periodontal pockets to form. These voids can become filled with more bacteria, tartar and plaque, which will allow the condition to spread more easily. The pockets will progressively become deeper, and the unwanted material will gain access to more areas. Measuring the depths of the pockets is how we determine how far the condition has spread. Eventually, the pockets can become deep enough to allow the harmful material to access the jawbone. Once there, the bacteria can attack the structure and the connective tissues of teeth. This can result in tooth loss and jawbone deterioration that will require significant resources to overcome. The key to effective periodontal treatment is to stop the problem before this happens.

Our offers periodontal services for treating gum disease at all stages. We offer scaling and root planing, root surface debridement and bone grafting.

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What is scaling and root planing?

Scaling and root planing is a time-tested and proven treatment for periodontitis. It is highly effective in managing the condition and promoting proper healing. The treatment involves using accessing the spaces beneath the gum line so that unwanted bacteria, tartar and plaque can be eliminated. From there, the root surfaces are smoothed out to reduce the possibility of future accumulations.

What is root surface debridement?

Root surface debridement is a treatment provided for more severe cases of periodontitis when the periodontal pockets have grown enough that harmful materials can access more critical areas. During treatment, the root surfaces and all surrounding areas will be cleaned to remove the hardened calculus and plaque that has accumulated upon these crucial spaces. After this treatment, the condition should stop spreading, and healing should occur.

What is bone grafting?

Bone grafting is a surgical treatment that is necessary when the jawbone has experienced significant bone loss. This treatment is only used for severe cases of periodontitis when the condition has already caused permanent damage. The goal of bone grafting is to try and restore the damaged structure by using proteins and artificial bone-like material. Restoring the jawbone can be a crucial step before installing dental implants to successfully replace any lost teeth.

Receive top-quality treatment for periodontitis from Glacier Peak Dentistry. The earlier you get started, the easier it will be for us to provide you with effective treatment. Our goal is to help you manage and overcome gum disease so that you can enjoy positive oral health. Please call us at (720) 828-5222 to schedule an appointment.