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Mouth Guards in Thornton, CO

Athletes don’t want to let dental injuries get in the way of competing. You can keep your teeth and oral structures safe with our custom-designed mouth guard which promotes protection and comfort.

As many athletes know, it only takes one hit or accident to cause major harm. While this doesn’t stop many people from competing, any committed athlete will want to reduce this possibility as much as possible. A properly fitted mouth guard gives an athlete the best chance of avoiding a serious oral health injury. Glacier Peak Dentistry understands this need, and we offer protective athletic mouth guards for athletes of all ages. Whether you just play casually or compete with the very best, Glacier Peak Dentistry is your home for top-quality mouth guards in Thornton, Colorado.

A mouth guard is very simple in design and function. It is essentially a mouthpiece that is worn over the teeth to cushion the blow when the user takes a hard hit. A proper mouth guard should feel lightweight and comfortable, and it should conform nicely to the user’s teeth and oral structures. That is why custom-built mouth guards work so well. Only with a custom design and fit can the wearer achieve maximum comfort and protection. This makes our athletic mouth guards vastly superior to any store-purchased alternatives that may not offer a proper fit.

Patients can also rest assured that all our mouth guards are built using the highest-quality materials available. They provide maximum protection and comfort, and they should not interfere with the user’s regular breathing and speaking at all. The wearer will be able to focus solely on competing, and they won’t have to worry about the mouth guard that is cushioning any heavy blows. Our mouth guards are also durable, with the average device lasting for two to three years before a replacement is needed.

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Some of the oral health problems that mouth guards help prevent include:

As custom-built devices, a patient must make a minimum of two visits to Glacier Peak Dentistry to receive a mouth guard. The first visit involves taking dental impressions that will be used in the creation of the appliance. The impressions are forwarded to a dental laboratory, which is where the mouth guard is built. The patient can return to pick-up the device once it is ready. We will make sure it fits correctly and take the time to answer any questions the patient might have.

Night Guards

Night guards refer to protective oral appliances that aren’t used for athletic competition. Instead, these devices are worn at night while the user is asleep. The purpose of these oral appliances is to prevent damage caused by bruxism. This is a relatively common condition that causes a person to unknowingly clench and grind their teeth while they are asleep. When bruxism is left untreated, it can result in damaged teeth, jaw pain, tension headaches and more. Our night guards are highly effective in combating bruxism, and they feel incredibly comfortable when worn. Just like our athletic mouth guards, our night guards are custom-built to ensure the perfect fit. The vast majority of users find that they do not interfere with their usual sleeping in the slightest.

Keep your teeth and oral structures safe with our athletic mouth guards and our protective night guards. Glacier Peak Dentistry provides the very best oral appliances to help you maintain your oral health. Please call us at (720) 828-5222 to schedule an appointment.