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Invisalign: What You Need To Know

People who have been avoiding traditional orthodontics because of its unsightliness and discomfort can now have their teeth straightened with the help of Invisalign. Compared to the conventional approach, it uses clear materials that can move the teeth discreetly, yet effectively. Plus, the appliance can also move the teeth to their proper places more comfortably than ever. Patients no longer have to deal with irritations and cuts caused by the metal components poking the soft tissues in the mouth.

If Invisalign sounds too good to be true, patients should know the facts about the service that make it effective. Here are some of the truth every patient needs to know before getting Invisalign as we prepared it at Glacier Peak Dentistry.

Invisalign should be worn as much as possible

Unlike metal braces that are bonded on the teeth, Invisalign aligners are removable. Although this feature makes the treatment more favorable, it is also a disadvantage because it will be easy for people to forget wearing the aligners back once removed. Whether this is done intentionally or not, it can delay the treatment or even make it ineffective. For Invisalign to work, the commitment of the patient to wear the aligners for 22 hours or more a day is highly required.

The treatment is not for everyone

Although Invisalign has been continuously improved to cater to the needs of many patients, there are still some instances that make it the less ideal choice. That is why it is required for everyone to undergo an initial consultation. The dentist will check the state of the teeth and the overall oral health to know if a patient is a good candidate for the treatment.

Keeping the mouth and oral appliance clean is essential

Patients are advised to take off the aligners when eating and drinking anything other than plain water. That is because the material used can stain when exposed to strong-colored substances. Plus, despite its durability, it cannot withstand chewing forces. Before putting back the aligners, it is advised for patients to brush their teeth as well as the clear aligners. That said, it is essential for Invisalign wearers to bring a toothbrush and floss all the time.

Make sure to follow the schedules given by the dentist

Instead of scheduling appointments every month like with metal braces, patients are given the trays by set which they should switch out every week or so. The aligners are also arranged by sequence based on the formulated treatment plan. To make sure that the teeth move properly and on time, following the correct order is best. Remember also to schedule appointments as advised by the dentist for them to monitor the progress and provide additional trays when necessary.

Quick Facts:

  • Patients who underwent an Invisalign treatment report discomfort only in the first few days after wearing new trays.
  • Invisalign trays are virtually invisible. As a result, other people are less likely to notice someone wearing the said device.
  • Both teens and adults can take advantage of the discreet teeth straightening procedure.
  • Dentists who perform Invisalign have the necessary experience and are fully trained to do so.  Plus, they are also well updated on any developments of the said procedure.

With all these provided, are you confident and ready to give the treatment a go? Call or visit us at Glacier Peak Dentistry to get started with your Invisalign Treatment in Thornton, CO!