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Things You Don’t Know About Bone Grafting

Suppose you’ve been missing one or more teeth for a lengthy period and are contemplating a dental implant. In that case, our dentist or oral surgeon in Thornton, CO, may have brought up the issue of bone grafting during your consultation. Visit Glacial Peak Dentistry in Thornton, CO, for a bone grafting procedure.

An advanced dentistry technique designed to augment the jawbone volume, a bone transplant may make the placement of a dental implant viable even after years of bone loss. Here are five important things to understand about bone grafts. Here are a few things you don’t know about bone grafting:

Bone Grafts Are Not Uncomfortable

You won’t feel anything except a little incision in your gum tissue for a few days following the treatment. At the same time, your bone transplant integrates into your bone.

Patients Should Expect A High Rate Of Success

Bone grafting has become more predictable thanks to advances in technology. There is a slight possibility that your bone transplant may fail. Still, it is feasible to repeat the treatment with extra grafting material in most cases. An implant put in a socket that has undergone bone grafting has an identical long-term prognosis to a patient who did not have bone grafting at the time of surgery.

Real Bone Is Used To Replacing The Graft In Your Body

The idea that a bone transplant permanently attaches a donor’s jawbone to your own is a common misconception. If your body recognizes the bone transplant, it progressively replaces the minerals delivered with healthy bone tissue. The graft serves as a frame, instructing your body on where to place the new bone when it has healed. It may take up to six months or more for your bone transplant to reach its maximum potential.

Some bone grafts do not make use of the patient’s bone.

However, although some bone transplants are still done using fragments of the patient’s chin or jawbone, it’s becoming more frequent for the material to be obtained from a third-party source these days. The bone graft material might be 100 percent synthetic or derived from a tissue bank or even animals. Before being used in a therapeutic setting, every donor bone tissue is treated, sanitized, and freeze-dried.

There are a variety of methods for enhancing bone density.

As part of a collection of procedures known as bone augmentations, bone grafting is used to enhance the look of the bone. Some additional treatments may be utilized to prepare the patient’s jaw for dental implants, such as a sinus lift and ridge expansion.

Visit Glacial Peak Dentistry in Thornton, CO for more information about bone grafting treatment.