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Two Specific Tooth Colored Fillings Used In Dentistry

Tooth decay is caused by dental caries, which, if not treated promptly, may lead to tooth loss. Dental fillings may be used to reverse the effects of tooth decay. Different materials and colors are used in dental fillings. An old-fashioned dental filling is the most often utilized. Teeth may be broken as a result of trauma. A dental filling is the only technique to fix a broken or chipped tooth since there is no possibility it will grow back. Visit Glacial Peak Dentistry in Thornton, CO for the best tooth-colored restoration treatment in nearby areas.

With a tooth-colored filling, you don’t have to worry about losing a tooth that has been decaying or cracked. Because not all dental fillings are suitable for everyone’s requirements, researching the most widely used fillings is essential if you want to get the most out of your treatment. We’ve compared two regularly used dental fillings in this post to make your job simpler.

What Is a Filling for a Tooth?

Dental restorations such as tooth colored fillings are used to repair and replace damaged teeth. The extent and kind of damage to your teeth will be assessed by your dentist before any dental fillings are performed.

The dentist will fill the tooth with the chosen material after all decay has been removed and cleansed. A filling should be applied to the whole cavity to prevent germs from invading the tooth. The filling you use determines the type of tooth filling and the color it will be.

Tooth Colored Fillings of Various Types

Although there are many kinds of tooth colored fillings, this blog will focus on 2 important fillings.


Mercury accounts for nearly half of the total composition, with the other metals being zinc, copper, tin, and silver. Amalgam is a more traditional filling material that has been around since the dawn of dental restoratives.

Because of its silver look, many individuals avoid using this kind of filler. However, silver fillings are often exclusively used in the rear molars, where they are less noticeable. These fillings may last up to 10 years, depending on how well you take care of them.

Blended Material

A blend of glass and plastic achieves natural tooth color. Direct and indirect fillings are the two main types. Based on the filling your tooth needs, your dentist will give you an appropriate recommendation.

For the rear teeth, direct fillings are ideal because they may be toughened using a solid blue light. Because no imprints or molds of your teeth are needed, a direct filling may be accomplished in only one dental appointment.

For the dental laboratory professionals to provide a proper repair for your shattered tooth using indirect composite resin, your dentist must take impressions of your teeth. On the front teeth, it is most usually utilized.

Two dental appointments are required because impressions must be taken and sent to the lab to produce a restoration that matches your original tooth.

Composite Resin as a Tooth Colored Material

It is more costly and may not last as long as amalgam to use composite resin. But when it comes to looks, the composite resin is the greatest since no one will know you have a tooth filling. Because of this, composite resin fillings are less invasive than amalgam fillings.

Using Tooth-Colored Fillings Has Many Advantages

Choosing a tooth-colored filling has several advantages. They are:


The crown’s color is almost identical to that of the original tooth. No one will be able to tell that you’ve had a filling put in. A tooth-colored filling is ideally suited for front teeth since these are the most visible when you smile or laugh.

Tooth Structure Is Removed Less Frequently

For the filling material to effectively connect with the tooth and produce a concrete repair, more of the tooth structure must be removed when using silver fillings. The healthy structure of your teeth is preserved more completely when fillings made of tooth-colored materials are used since only the decaying or damaged area has to be removed.

The look of your teeth may have a favorable or unfavorable impact on your self-esteem and self-confidence. Choosing a dental filling that enhances your appearance and protects your oral health is essential to maintaining good dental hygiene.

You can visit Glacial Peak Dentistry in Thornton, CO for the best tooth colored restoration treatment in nearby areas.